WE APA (Women’s Empowerment APA) brings together women across all levels and departments of the company with the goal to empower them both individually and as a group.  WE APA’s objective is to enhance the company culture through one-on-one mentorships, team building activities, and philanthropic work with a variety of primarily female-focused charities in each corporate location.  Determined to provide a voice for everyone, WE APA’s mentorships strive to break down the barriers that often exist in the workplace.  Agents, assistants, and trainees seek individualized time for discussion on personal and career goals that are both short and long term.

Through their efforts, WE APA participants strive to celebrate their diverse backgrounds, cultures and voices through unity.

WE APA’s corporate philanthropic outreach reminds us that, while we support ourselves, we must also strive to help others.  Working closely with a number of local and national charitable organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, World Harvest, Baby2Baby, and many others, WE APA devotes hands-on time and resources by providing school supplies to underprivileged children, “adopting” needy families to provide them with both necessities and wish list items, fundraising and assembling food packages, and working to provide low-income children with diapers, clothing and the standard items that every child needs and deserves.