What We Do

APA represents some of the most accomplished, celebrated and award-winning actors, writers, producers, directors, creators, comedians, musicians, authors, intellectual properties, production companies, artisans, social influencers, and lifestyle brands across all media platforms worldwide with divisions that include…

Alternative & Factual Programming

A market leader distinguished by a unique business model that promotes unparalleled teamwork and a premiere level of packaging and staffing services across all genres of unscripted content, APA’s Alternative & Factual Programming department represents the creative and business interests of award-winning producers, directors, branded personalities and production companies.

Brand Partnerships

APA’s Brand Partnerships division connects our actors, comedians, musicians, experts, and influencers with global brands.  These authentic and highly profiled activations help to generate influence and awareness for our clients throughout the world.  The department supports services in a variety of advertising activations that range from TV commercials, PR, digital content, social media, conventions, and scale/overscale commercial opportunities.

Comedy & Live Podcasts

Our Comedy & Live Podcasts department represents some of the most renowned, influential, and award-winning comedians and storytellers in entertainment performing in colleges, clubs, performing arts centers, theaters, festivals and arenas around the globe.


Concert Touring

Across all genres of music, from emerging acts to global icons, our Concert Touring department represents a diverse roster of celebrated and sought-after talent in the arena of live performance.


Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property department represents novelists, nonfiction authors, journalists, life rights holders, publishers, blog writers, and content creators working across all categories. We work with a global network of co-agent partners to expose the distinctive voices of our clients to influential executives and producers in film, television and streaming.

Motion Picture Literary

Our Motion Picture Literary department navigates the careers of some of the most acclaimed and award-winning writers, directors and animators working with traditional, independent and digital studios around the world.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts department represents a diverse roster of artists and shows across a spectrum of genres that includes Broadway, Ballet, Magic & Illusion, Family Entertainment, and Interactive Celebrity Film Screenings.


Physical Production

Our Physical Production department represents international iconic studios and production services for film, television, streaming and commercial content all over the world. Additionally, this division is at the forefront of navigating the business interests of myriad producers, cinematographers, production designers, editors, first and second unit directors, costume designers, visual and special effects supervisors and coordinators, digital creature designers, stunt coordinators, and studio and production services for film, television and commercials.


Public Relations

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Our Public Relations division brings together the best practices and practitioners of PR and influencer marketing to form the most competitive one-stop-shop solution. We are brand storytellers creating communications campaigns to reflect the way today’s audiences consume media – in a platform agnostic way. Our services include campaign strategy + big ideas, media relations, event marketing, design and execution, media training, influencer campaigns + negotiations, strategic partnerships + collaborations, and founder + c-suite profile elevation.



Our Speakers department brings the inspiring voices and perspectives of some of the world’s most celebrated and influential personalities and raconteurs to a wider audience, representing a virtual who’s who of information, entertainment and popular culture.



Our Talent department represents some of the most accomplished, acclaimed and award-winning actors in the industry whose skill to articulate and express the human condition inspires a global audience.

Television Literary

Our Television Literary department represents the principal writers, producers, directors, creators and showrunners behind some of the industry’s most iconic television shows and streaming content.


Our Theater department represents some of the most vibrant playwrights, composers, directors, choreographers, dramaturgs and designers in the industry. With a focus on personalized attention to artists and advocacy to a wider creative community, we also work with each client on diverse pathways of opportunity to expand their careers in podcasts, books, television, film, streaming and other platforms.